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Are you ready to shed the extra weight once and for all? Then meet my new program ...

The New You Simple Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling with diet after diet and almost ready to give up? Are you losing the willpower to keep striving for a healthier version of you? 


I’ve been there too. I want you to know that there is hope for long-lasting weight loss. The type that gives you empowering results and allows you to live a life full of longevity and energy. 


What if you had the information you needed to succeed when it comes to your weight loss goals?


What if you had the total support and motivation to avoid temptation and feel sexier every day?

What if you had a plan that delivered real and long-lasting results?


Don’t you want to feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic? 


The truth is that a diet alone will most likely not give you the results that you need. That’s why I created a program that addressed all the possible obstacles you may have: from amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease – finally, someone has your back in this! 

Enjoy Higher Self-Esteem and Live More Confidently!

My A New You Group Coaching Weight Loss Program will help you to lose the pounds that have been preventing you from feeling sexy and confident.  It will also give you back your energy and  motivation, as well as clearer skin, and a fabulous glow - all within your reach when you enroll in this program!


I have got your back throughout the entire weight loss program.  It's the right choice for you if you want to:

  • Look and feel amazing.

  • Experience feeling fulfilled, satiated and nourished while losing those stubborn pounds.

  • Have stable moods and long-lasting energy.

  • Have confidence and empowerment from fitting your favorite jeans once again and knowing that you are making the right choices for your health and wellness.

Are you ready to gain back your confidence?!  Then click the button below to enroll in this amazing program!

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A NEW YOU Group Coaching Program is a truly powerful program that helps you re-program your mindset around food, boost your metabolism and body transformations.


From all these years of diets, excessive exercise plans and nutrition programs, calorie tracking apps what I learnt to be true, is transformations come from within you, and that is through the mindset. That is why I am now coaching others to make the changes from within. As I have learnt, you can have all the fancy nutrition plans and glamorous exercise programs but if you don’t have the right mindset to control your emotions, nothing will ever change.


“Nothing changes if nothing changes”


Every week we will meet for a group coaching session, and you will receive powerful modules to kick-start your weight loss journey and set you up for lasting success.​

Samantha Edwards, holding a bowl of healthy fruit

Hi, I'm Samantha Edwards ...

I'm a Transformation & Habit Change Coach.  I help busy women just like you to lose weight and keep it off, have more energy, look and feel great, without deprivation or militant exercise, through my proven system and medically tested ground-breaking health protocol.


I’m dedicated to helping women break free of weight loss resistance and self-image issues so that you can love your body, mind, and soul, as well as feel empowered to create the life you desire, and was meant for you.


I will help you to uncover what has been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling the best you’ve ever felt (mind, body and soul).

"Coach Samantha is a wonderful coach. She really listens to her clientʼs needs and coaches them right where they are. If you are trying to lose weight she will help you reach your goals quicker and faster, than you can alone. I recommend that you hire her today. You wonʼt regret it!"

Kela Robinson Smith  

My A New You Simple Weight Loss Program is

what you need to grab TODAY!

4 Day Weight Loss Reboot - A woman measuring her slim hips

You deserve to be Happy and Healthy:

  • No more tired afternoons.

  • No more confusing fad diets and trends.

  • No more upset stomachs.

  • No more acne.

  • No more mood swings.

  • No more extra weight slowing you down.

Join My New You Weightloss Program

Here's what this incredible program offers:

Everything you get in the New You Weight Loss Program by Samantha Edwards
  • A fantastic Weight Loss Guide loaded with all the info you need to begin your weight loss safely and effectively. I want you to shed those pounds and keep them off, once and for all! 

  • Recipe Guide: 21 Day Meal plan with recipes included plus grocery list. Get a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. Each recipe is crafted based on your weight loss program. They’ll taste sinfully good without the regrets. No need to get scared of groceries, everything is laid out. 

  • 21 Days of Shopping Lists - we all know how hard it is to buy the right foods - temptation in the store is HIGH. Well, no need to worry about that, I got your back with this impressive shopping list! Just PRINT AND GO.

  • 21 Days of suggested meals - you won’t get bored with repetition. I promise. Here I will recommend the right combinations so that you keep your taste buds entertained! 

  • A Food Diary to hold you accountable throughout the program so you can see the results of your efforts.

  • Weekly support from me! Via email so that you can stay focused on the goal ahead!

  • Exclusive Private High Vibers Inner Circle Sisterhood for daily coaching and peer-to-peer support.  Be a part of a highly interactive, supportive, loving and sacred community of your HVIC sisters, as you experience this awesome journey together!

This program will not only change your body, but your life in countless ways from being happy, healthier, energized, positive, more confident, and having better sex, deeper connections and more pleasure daily!


Trust me, your family and friends will not only notice but benefit from the program as well!

A New and Sexier, More Confident You is

Waiting Right Around the Next Click!

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