When you begin a plan for an at home workout, you may immediately go to the type of equipment you need. It may surprise you to find out there are several workouts that don't require equipment at all. The misconception is that these workouts will not give you the results you need in the time constraints you have. The truth is, these five workouts give you better results... Read more

When you start looking at ways to reduce your stress levels, you probably focus on how much work you are doing, what your daily responsibilities are, and whether or not you practice good self-care. These are all very important, but don’t forget about the simplest choices you make every day that could beimpacting your stress. A common one has to do with your diet, where some foods can increase stress, while others help to reduce it. In fact, your diet has a much larger impact... Read more

Have you been looking for a grill day that doesn’t have to have meat? You might be looking for a fruit veggie barbeque. Grilled fruits and vegetables can make for an excellent and healthy meal. Cooking them over actual fire can bring out a bouquet of smells and an assortment of flavors that will dance across your tastebuds, but you’re probably curious to know which can go great together.  This article is geared towards sharing a few ideas that you might want to try.... Read more

Overcoming the stress in your life starts with noticing what your stressors are and working to reduce them, but you can’t prevent every situation that could potentially cause you stress. This is your body’s natural response, which leads to a fight or flight response. You still need to get out there and live your life, so it is more a matter of how you react to stressful situations when they arrive. Keep reading to learn how you can remain more calm and relaxed even when incredibly stressful things are happening around you..... Read more

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