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1:1 Coaching

 Client Love

“Although I have never been overweight (just a few "sticky kilos" that I wanted to  lose) I absolutely hated my reflection in the mirrors of the changing rooms.  Somehow, they always succeeded in brutally highlighting all the flaws. 


I truly hated shopping for clothes because the whole process was for me like  walking on hot coals. I think that I stopped buying clothes for at least a couple of  years and eventually everything I owned looked quite shabby.  


Then two things happened: I suffered from bad lower back pain and my  chiropractor introduced me to calisthenics workouts which strengthened my core  muscles and relieved me of my back pain.  


With my new exercise regime, I also started eating differently but just couldn't  overcome my desire for chocolate - and with that I mean quite a lot of chocolate.  

Samantha taught me a few important lessons - one was to be kinder to myself and  see myself as the beautiful woman that I was - another was to get my cravings  under control but still eat chocolate - but rather a little bit on special occasions  and as a reward.  


Now I have a new relationship with my body - and with chocolate! I often make my  own chocolate, dairy free and with just a little maple syrup to give it a little  sweetness. AND all the training and better eating has paid off and my abs have  come out of hiding. 

Which has prepared me for a nice shopping spree that I'm determined to enjoy! ❤” 


Personal Coaching with Samantha Edwards

Here's what you can expect working with me

  • Let go of your hard-to-kick habits

    You'll learn about self sabotage, emotional eating, constant yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk, etc. I can help you do it!

  • Learn the strategies to kick your cravings

    Snack habits, and negative cycles to the curb. Say buh-bye to those limiting beliefs!

  • Get in touch with your personal style

    What makes you feel beautiful – dress for your body type, and get excited to pick an outfit every morning.

  • Get you body moving….

    That’s what it was designed to….I`ll make it fun (I am no cross fit queen)

  • Switch out critical self-talk for major self-compassion

    So you can leave yo-yo dieting, overeating, and your inner critic in the rearview, forever.

  • Create a crystal clear, easy, custom plan

    Just for your unique body, based on your goals, needs, and desires.


  • Crank up your energy

    So you can get out of that constant foggy feeling, and back to loving your life!


  • Uncover what mind-body-soul connection

    Means for your health (it’s not just coach-y jargon!)


  • Love what you see in the mirror

    And making more amazing changes than you ever thought possible with your body and your life!

  • Best Results

    Shed those extra 10/20/50+ pounds. For good.

I'll be there with you every step of the way, with the fully customized program that fits your needs.

That includes support, mindset work, stress relief strategies, weight loss tactics, and more.


You’ll be in action every step of the way, based on the latest research, resources, and more, all designed just right to fit for your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

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