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This 90 day program follows a proven pathway to your successful transformation:


  • Find your weight-loss blocks

  • Create a plan specific to your unique body type

  • Managing your relationships, emotions, and finances

  • Add accountability

  • Sustainability

Work one on one with an experienced

Health and Mindset Coach.

The Total Body Transformation program was designed to help you get from where you are “stuck” to where you want to go. 


Picture yourself standing on one side of a river, and everything that you want is on the other side.  Right now, the river is filled with all the things that get in the way of you showing up for yourself - weight loss resistance... the crazy hamster wheel of yo-yo

dieting...mindless eating, feeling like putting yourself first is a luxury…

The Total Body Transformation Program is the bridge that was created to help you get across the river and achieve your goals in the fastest, smartest way. 

Hereʼs how the Total Transformation System works:


There are 4 steps - each step is a stepping stone across the river and each step is getting you closer to everything you want.

This program is by application only - so go ahead and click the button below to schedule a time for a complimentary Discovery Call to see if this life-changing transformative program is right for you.

Step #1: Set up your Goals

  • Identify the root cause of your weight loss resistance

    Once we have your goals set and anchored, I quickly dive in deep to get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance and uncover whatʼs getting in the way or stopping you from losing weight. So that you are freed from that weight loss resistance.

  • Create a plan

    We will create a customized, realistic, easy to follow plan based on your unique body,

    metabolism and lifestyle.

  • The result

    You are going to look and feel great and have more energy.

Step 1 - Set up your goals - image of Samantha Edwards holding a pineapple

Step #2: Get into Action

  • Set up the conditions for inevitable success

    Together, we will set up the conditions for inevitable success by making you a priority in your busy life.

  • A complete suite of tools

    You will receive all the tools you need for your new weight loss journey to save you time and money.

  • You'll be set up for food freedom

    You'll be equipped with everything you need to set you up for food freedom, where you can enjoy food, parties, family gatherings and never have to worry about what to eat and gaining the weight back again.

  • Complete set of lists, resources and guides

    You will receive recipes, shopping lists, dining out and eating on the go cheat

    sheets, guides …

  • No more dreading meal times

    The dreaded meal-time where you can only eat certain food, will be a thing of the past.

  • Enjoy delicious, healthy, easy meals

    From now on, you and your family will be eating delicious, healthy, easy, quick to prepare meals.

Step #3: Accountability

This is the crucial missing piece needed for long term results and


  • Why

    Without accountability, people inevitably fall back into old ways and patterns and get more of what they donʼt want.

  • I'm with you

    Iʼll be with you every step of the way, with fully customized tools you need, based on the latest research, resources, and more, all designed just right to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  • With all the tools

    That includes weight-loss tactics, mindset work, stress relief strategies, and more.

  • Weekly coaching

    During our weekly face to face coaching sessions, I help you develop strategies for success and hold you accountable.

  • It's all within reach

    You are closer than you think to the ideal vision of yourself. The energy, body, and wellness you crave are within your reach.

  • An expert by your side

    All you need is an expert helping hand to guide you towards it.

Step #4: Lock in your success

  • Turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last!  Learn how to create self accountability.

  • Do you know how many people gain the weight back after a “diet”? An incredible 95%!

  • You will be in the 5% category of people who are losing weight and keeping it off permanently

  • By the end of the 90 days you are going to have different rituals, different habits, and feel totally transformed in your body.

  • I am here to help you follow through in a way that you never have before.

Samantha Edwards, holding a bowl of healthy fruit

Hi, I'm Samantha Edwards ...

I'm a Transformation & Habit Change Coach.  I help busy women just like you to lose weight and keep it off, have more energy, look and feel great, without deprivation or militant exercise, through my proven system and medically tested ground-breaking health protocol.


I’m dedicated to helping women break free of weight loss resistance and self-image issues so that you can love your body, mind, and soul, as well as feel empowered to create the life you desire, and was meant for you.


I will help you to uncover what has been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling the best you’ve ever felt (mind, body and soul).

A New and Sexier, More Confident You is

Waiting Right Around the Next Click!

Meet Cheron, Formerly known as "The Queen of McDonalds“


“For the last couple of years, I have faced a major trial in my life. This was the greatest trial I could have ever faced in my life and my coping method became emotional eating. Through my emotional eating I put on an excessive amount of weight....Which led me to Coach Samantha! She has been an instrumental part of  my life and helping to get my body back to the way it used to be, through identifying me triggers and she created an easy plan for me...In my opinion she is amazing! She is  supportive and loving...Prior to meeting Coach Samantha, I was a self-proclaimed  “Queen of McDonald's!” 


I swore that I would never give up on McDonald's! I am happy to report that after working with Samantha, I am back to my normal size, I am healthier in my thinking and making healthier choices. So, if you have been struggling with weight loss, I  highly recommend her because she is incredible and has some amazing results.  Today, if you are looking to change your life not only physically but mentally know  that Coach Samantha is for you!” 


Cheron Van Beek 

Teacher of Self Love, Motivational Speaker and Writer 

Here's everything you get with my

VIP 1:1 Transformation Program:

  • Weekly Zooms

    We will meet every week via Zoom for 45 -60 minutes.

  • Weekly Workbook

    A weekly workbook for the program modules to keep you focused and on task!

  • Daily Meal Plans

    To remove the overwhelm of planning what to eat and serve your family.

  • Meditation Resources

    For nourishment of the mind, body and soul.

  • VIP FB Group

    Get support from women whom are on the same journey as you.

  • Ongoing Support

    I'll be available by text and email so you'll always be supported.

  • A Selection of Guides

    On a variety of topics so you always have plenty of reference guides.

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

    To save you time and money at the grocery store.

  • De-stress Tools

    Tools and techniques to help you deal with stress.

  • Monthly Membership

    Access to my “High Vibe Inner Circle” monthly membership - Blogs, Live training & demonstrations, workshops, Workout/yoga videos, affirmations.

  • Voxer Support

    A Walkie Talkie App so we can leave voice messages for one another.  It's like having a coach in your pocket!

  • Monthly Recipes

    All family friendly, kid approved.  Omnivore and vegetarian recipes included.

  • Cheat Sheets

    Snack and Dining Out Cheat Sheets - I've got you covered!

  • Self-Care Practices

    Where you are the priority in your busy life.

  • Challenges and Guest Speakers

    You will also gain access to the Challenges I currently have running, as well as to Guest Speakers.

Now letʼs take 90 days and give you the foundation youʼve always needed to lose weight, keep it off and, most importantly, love you, your body and your life!


Below is another reminder of everything that you get with this transformational program:

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

    Weekly 1:1 VIP Coaching Sessions with your Coach, Samantha Edwards, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes in duration. 

  • Access to the "High Vibers" Inner Circle Membership

    Entry to the Exclusive “High Vibers“ Inner Circle Membership - a private, exclusive Online Sisterhood where you're supported by your peers and Samantha, with daily motivation, inspiration and coaching!  As part of your membership,  you also have access to: Facebook Live recordings, as well as handouts, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, worksheets, blogs, workouts, affirmations, meditations and more.  Be part of a highly interactive, supportive, loving and sacred community of your HVIC Sisters, as you experience this awesome journey together!

  • Online Challenges

    As part of the program, there will be Online Challenges to keep you engaged, motivated, having fun and seeing your results!

  • Resources and Gifts

    You will also gain access to a wealth of resources, including nutrition and fitness guides, recipe guides, workouts, de-cluttering program, mindset tools, gifts, and so much more.  All of these resources are designed with one thing in mind: making prioritizing YOU attainable, sustainable and manageable ... and most of all, fun!

BONUS #1: FREE 5 Day Kick Your Sugar Cravings Challenge ($297.00 Value!)

  • Learn how to finally quit sugar without giving up sweetness.

  • Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes

  • Sugar-Free Guide

  • Trainings

  • Videos

BONUS #2: Customized Weight Loss Program App ($997.00 Value!)

  • Your very.own Customized Weight Loss Program App with all the bells and whistles to keep you on track, and give you daily support and accountability.

  • Recipes (Easy, Family-friendly and Kid approved.)

  • Pantry List - Ingredients found right at your local supermarket.

  • Daily Meal Plans - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks - so you know exactly what to

    eat everyday.

  • Daily reminders for workouts/movement/water/sleep.

  • It's like having your 24/7 personal coach in your pocket! (Value $997.00)

“I was on Coach Samʼs program for one month and in that month, I lost 7 pounds  and 7 1/2 

inches off my body! Sam was with me the entire time to help me what different 

foods worked for my body and what foods didnʼt. Not only did I lose the weight  and inches, but I also gained so much more confidence in what I am able to  prepare. I was able to gain more energy so I could keep up with my two children  and I also had improved sleep, I was able to implement a healthier lifestyle for my  family and the food that we were preparing was so easy to introduce into my life  and it was so easy to include in my mom-life, making dinner for my family!” 


What to Expect

This program will not only change your body, but your life in countless ways from

being happy, healthier, energized, positive, more confident, and having better sex,

deeper connections and more pleasure daily!

  • Weight loss that lasts - no more diets!

  • Full food freedom.

  • De-cluttering of life, mind, and body to shake off those limiting beliefs, energy, and weight thatʼs keeping you stuck.

  • Sparking your inner lights so people can't help but notice you.

  • Creating a personal style that reflects you—and makes you feel sexy and luscious.

Trust me, your family and friends will not only notice but benefit from the program

as well! 


This program is by application only - so what are you waiting for?  Click the button below and apply now for this life-changing program.

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